Sheela Mamidenna

Wednesday - Mar 31, 2010

Classroom in India

Its examination time in India and every state has its own set of Boards/Universities that test students of all ages! It is also the time when summer sets in. A time for mangoes put in their appearance on the trees, a time for koel (the black singing bird) to make its presence felt, a time for tutorials to spring up overnight (promising 100% success within a ridiculously short teaching time), a time for major distractions like the IPL cricket to be played in all the major cities of India and most importantly the time for all the State Governments to show their might by introducing power cuts!

The heat coupled with the growing tension among parents and students makes the months of March, April and May the most hated months of all. And to make matters worse the ecological disturbances have ensured that summer in India advances earlier than it usually does, which has made State Governments push the power-saving button through unscheduled power cuts all through the day. This has resulted in the student community losing precious preparation time.

Well what is perplexing is that since many years the most important exams for the student community in Asia and in India are always held in summer! Why? Well they rationalise saying it’s a June to April (for schools) or August to April (for Universities) session. But if one asks why June to April and why not December to December? There seems to be no answer. And we Indians always have the benign attitude of lets-carry-on-as-it-is. Why change what has been there for years! I ask why not. When change exists on a daily basis why not bring about a change that has a direct impact on the future of the students. What do you think?

Speaking of change there is good news for students preparing for examinations. Several portals that have popped up in recent months are offering various educational supports to students. Some sites provide educational support to school going children while some cater to school-going as well as college students and offer separate packages to those who wish to take competitive examinations. Check out this directory for more information on various portals and universities offering various courses in India.

Many of these portals aim to move away from the concept of rote learning that has prevailed in India for many decades now. The applications in these portals primarily aims at making students gain conceptual clarity and understand the basic concepts or understand fundamentals that would enable them to move to higher learning with ease.

But what is more heartening is that much of these students who access the Internet to learn are majorly from the smaller towns and cities across India. This goes to show that the concept of learning through the net is fast catching up. Industry pundits predict that Internet accessibility in India would grow to over 126 million users by 2010!

Now it is up to the teachers, educators, parents and the governing bodies to ensure that the student community gets all the ‘power’ they need to fare well in their examinations which in turn would ensure that generation next is well equipped to take the nation forward as a technologically developed state and in tune with the changing times.