Michael Lerner

Wednesday - Jun 30, 2010

Marketing in the Moment book coverI’m sometimes asked to review Internet-related books, but who has time to read these days? (Just joking, of course.) While many people are just waking up to the marketing possibilities made possible by social networking, there’s always a next new thing. To stay ahead of the curve, Michael Tasner, who started his first Internet company at age 15, has written a practical guide to harnessing the latest technology to get your message out there first.

The vast proliferation of communication channels presents a huge challenge. With so many options, yet so little time, how do you choose the most effective strategy? “Marketing in the Moment” is packed with useful ideas for any individual or business that needs to understand the electronic landscape. Here’s the first part of an e-mail interview with the author:

ML: You refer to Web 3.0 in your book. What is Web 3.0 and how is it different than Web 2.0?

MT: One of the big items in the book that I mention is that I really don’t know what Web 3.0 in general is. It’s really more of a conceptual term that simply means the next wave of the web. Some people have also called it the semantic web (more intelligent searching) Instead, I refer to Web 3.0 Marketing as opposed to just Web 3.0 in general. Web 3.0 marketing is what’s next in terms of online marketing online. It’s the shift from Blogging to Microblogging (from WordPress to Twitter for example), the shift from static video to live video (YouTube.com, to Ustream.tv) It’s also the mobile age and the virtual age (sites like secondlife.com). The biggest trend in Web 3.0 marketing is the way we’re consuming data. Instead of being at our computers 24/7, we’re connected to, and on our mobile devices.

For someone looking to harness Web 3.0, where do you start?

This is a loaded question. In the book I provide a form that I invented called a 360 degree web marketing review. The intention of this form is to show you some of the blindspots that you may not be seeing. The 360 degree concept involves interviewing your staff, your friends, vendors, clients etc. Armed with this information, I like to locate the places your potential customers are consuming data or visiting data that you’re not on.

For most businesses, the best place to start is mobile. Start asking for a mobile number (and permission to mail them) everywhere. Ask for it on your web site, on your blog, your social networks, and in your retail outlet if that applies. Once you have these numbers formulate your mobile marketing strategy. This may be to educate your prospects, offer discounts and coupons or to sell directly from a text message (SMS) or interactive message (MMS).

Mobile is the fastest growing segment that cannot be ignored and with less than 6% of businesses adopting mobile marketing its ripe of the picking!

With literally millions of destinations on the Web, how does someone grab attention?

The strategy we use is called Multiple Streams of Targeted Traffic™. This strategy involves being in ALL the places that your customers are interacting. For example, let’s say you have an online patio furniture store site. You need to in the top ten of Google, Yahoo and Bing, you should have videos of your products on YouTube, on all the major social networks and beyond. By being in multiple targeted locations you speed up the rule of seven in marketing (that a prospect will need to hear from you seven times before they buy). Your customers also start to associate expert/authority status when all they see is YOU and your business popping up everywhere. That’s the best way to grab attention. Magnify the effect when you also add Web 3.0 Marketing sites to the mix and your dominating.

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