Michael Lerner

Friday - Jul 30, 2010

The InternetWhich city boasts the fastest broadband connection? Would you believe Masan,South Korea? In fact 61 Asian cities made the top 100 list, while America lags badly with only 12 and there are none in the UK. When it comes to the top ten regions, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong top the list. (The U.S. and U.K. are nowhere to be found.) Ranking fourth is Romania, followed by Latvia. These surprising findings were revealed in a quarterly report by Akamai, which surveys Internet infrastructure.

Does it really matter if you have to wait an extra few seconds to download a song or access your Facebook page? As the Internet powers the 21st century economy, speed provides a competitive advantage. Faster connections also mean that data-intensive services–real-time gaming and video-on-demand are two–become more acessible. Asia clearly leads the pack. To see how your city or region ranks, check out Akamai’s interactive map.