Michael Lerner

Thursday - Oct 21, 2010

The Internet will reach a milestone by the end of the year. According to a new report from the International Telecommunication Union, over 2 billion people, not quite a third of the world’s population, will be online. As you might suspect, there are huge disparities: 65% of Europeans are online, but only 9.6% of Africans; in the Americas, it’s 55%.

Perhaps more interesting is the number of gadgets connected to the Net. According to IBM, the number may exceed 2 billion. Think of all the smartphones, devices with embedded sensors and webcams out there. Our interconnected world is now a global neural network with vast implications for life as we know it. How will it affect you? Watch the video and weigh in with your thoughts.

For an intriguing look at some of the more amazing things the Internet has inspired, check out a multimedia presentation from Google Creative Labs.